Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Church and what's wrong with the human race

First let me start by saying I'm not dogging on your believes, and that's the point. You see it sickens me when people who call themselves Christians or religious for that matter and yet they can deny the happiness of their fellow human.

The story goes like this: NBA star Jason Collins came out of the closet publicly and has been shown a great deal of support from people like The President and all the way down, but of course there will be haters. I just don't agree when the hate comes from the Church.

Former Packer great LeRoy Butler who does a lot of charity work and does a lot with local churches congratulated Jason Collins on his choice to life freely basically. So one of the churches he does work with decided to cancel his appereance there because of it.

Read the full article from Yahoo! Sports here.


This church should be ashamed of themselves and the same goes for anyone else who feels that way. You can't dog someone for being different, but let's be honest that's nothing new for the Church is it? They've been doing that since as long as they've existed. Remember something though, in ancient Rome Jesus was an outlaw and was crucified because of being, dare I say, different. Maybe if you weren't so judgmental the world would be a happier place and peace could actually exist.

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