Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I love Making Fun of Fred Durst

and apparently so does Al Jourgensen from Ministry. Al just released a book called Ministry: The Lost Gospels according to Al Jourgensen in which he tells more insane stories than even an Ozzy book could tell. I'm going to be talking to Al about the book for my classic metal show and I can't wait to get into some of the details, but in talking with Loudwire he told a great Fred Durst story.
The Limp-dickster motherf—er, whatever his name is. I got him naked and in a cowboy hat [in a recording studio]! I’m showing him, ‘Look, you want my sound? This is my sound. This is what I use.’ And he wouldn’t believe it because just by hitting the magic button on the harmonizer that it wouldn’t make him sound exactly like me. He was that na├»ve. I’m like, ‘Well, try the cowboy hat.’ So I gave him my cowboy hat. . . and it still sounded like s–t. So I go, ‘Why don’t you try and get naked? That’s how I sing.’ I was just bulls–tting him. So he goes out and does that, and is thoroughly embarrassed, again. And then he just left. I got paid to just humiliate him for three songs. It was awesome.
Awesome indeed. To buy the book from Amazon click here

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