Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Review of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival

We sent Patrick Delooze to Atlanta on July 30th to the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival featuring Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon, Machine Head, and a ton more heavy bands. Pat was nice enough to take some pics and write up a review. Check it out

Mayhem Fest 2013 Atlanta

Blood, Sweat, Mud and METAL!!!!!!!!!  Those 4 words right there sum up Mayhem Fest in Atlanta this year.  From the Metal Mulisha jump show all the way to the main stage to see 5FDP and Rob Zombie, start to finish this festival was flat out Mayhem!!! Jumping between the Jagermeister stage and the Musicians Institute stage, dodging mosh pit after mosh pit band after band got you more and more stoked for the main stage. 

The opportunity to meet John 5 and Piggy D at Rob Zombies merc tent and talk to them for a few minuets was a pretty awesome experience.  Later that day, I would find myself at that very spot again waiting in line to head backstage to meet Mr Zombie himself.  Autograph signing and photo ops with him and the rest of the band was pretty cool of the station and the record company to set that up.  Talk about being lost for words meeting a icon musician, and film director. Granted you were 1 of like 75 there to shake hands and get a picture and autograph quick was a hell of an experience.

Shortly after that, MAIN STAGE MADNESS!!!!!!  Amon Amarth kicked it off with some kick ass Viking Metal!!!!!!!  Talk about starting it off right!!  If youre a fan of avatar, like I am, then you’ll defiantly love Amon Amarth.  Mastodon was up after that and keep you on youre feet and your head banging.  Then 5FDP came out and blew the lid off the place. 
When Ivan came out waving the american flag and the whole crowd on their feet screaming USA…USA…USA he brought out 5 local soldiers and told the audience about the last time they played a USO show overseas, and about how he received a recently deceased soldiers dog tags and when his fellow soldiers recovered his personal property they came across his ipod stuck on 5FDP, and how they as a band are thankful for the actions of the service men and women of this great country.  As a veteran of Iraq, it sent chills down my spine, and as he told the story, I tried to hold back the tears of my time served over there.  As death punch ended and the chants of Zombie….Zombie…Zombie over and over again I could feel that the show was just getting started!!!  Zombie came out and just blew your mind!!!!!.  From bringing a young kid out of the crowd onstage to the strange mechanical devices he rode out onstage with just you didn’t want to blink because you were too afraid youd miss something.    Talk about a stage show, running through the crowd, fire blasting from the stage, giant radios exploding just left you begging for more, just hoping the show would last longer and longer.  But as they say, all good things must come to an end, it does.  As the blasts of fire end and the final confetti falls to the floor, and as the numerous clouds of smoke from all the joints being passed around clears, we made our way out of there.  I think I still have a contact buzz as Im writing this right now!! By far it was an experience I will never forget and I don’t think will ever be topped!!!!!  Now, where the hell did I put the funyuns and brownies………..

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