Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What happened to the one genre of music that hold's true and stands the test of time since it's initial taking over of the world in the 50's. Maybe I shouldn't ever look at the charts anymore but either no one actually likes rock music anymore (Imagine Dragons don't count) or rock fans don't actually buy music. There are only 5 bands that show up on any sales chart I look at,

Well f*** it, I'm going to keep flying the flag on RAZOR 94.7 and on Hangar 19 and I just hope there's enough of us left to keep Rock and Metal alive and well

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  1. Well those are bands (minus 1) that started a fanbase by or around 2003 or earlier. Within a decade technology has moved so fast you don't have to buy and album to listen to it. People can stream it on their phone. I'm old school and do buy....records now. Not as a Hipster or something but its a more pure sound. And if it comes with the digital download perfect. Yeah I buy CDs too. But there are maybe half a dozen good bands in the last decade when 20 years ago you could name half a dozen just from Seattle. Now it sounds like one band in the dessert recording under different names