Thursday, January 9, 2014

My most anticipated albums of 2014

Originally published via Metal Insider

CutterAndrew “Cutter” Puyleart, WZOR/Appleton WI [commercial rock radio]Host of Hangar 19 (syndicated classic metal show)
Tool: Whether these guys can actually get it all together and record and release a new album or not, it feels like it’s closer to happening this year than in the past. This band, no matter what, always takes us on a journey.  Listening to a Tool album, just like going to a Tool concert, is an experience. It’s not something you can just pop on and listen to a couple of songs, it’s something you have to dedicate yourself to, and very few bands can pull that off the way Tool does. At this point they may be more progressive rock than metal, but I’ve been in love with this band since the Opiate EP and always enjoy pulling out any of their albums.
Slipknot: Only because I’ve been a fan of this band, and everyone I’ve met from Slipknot has been among of the nicest and down to earth people I’ve ever met in the metal world. Not having Joey Jordison is a blow to the gut though, so I’m now a little skeptical.
Anthrax: Worship Music was incredibly underrated, and now that this lineup has been going for a few years and especially with Joey leading the vocal way, I can’t wait to see what that continuity helps this band create.
Some others: Slayer (not having Jeff scares me a bit but it’s Slayer!), Judas Priest and Black Label Society.

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