Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Love at Wal-Mart, really?

In a recent study published in the magazine Psychology Today, Walmart was named most frequently by study participants as the place where they had fallen in love at first sight. This study pulled the 100 most recent Craigslist missed connections add as well in 15 states, wait a minute Craigslist missed connections? at the time of this posting here's the most recent Craigslist Green Bay missed connection add:

Beaumont school pickup -


Green Bay

2013-04-09, 3:26PM CDT

To the tall black hair gal that drives a four door tan taurus-your hot!!Today you had tight jeans and a tank-top under your open coat!!HOT

So you can see why I would put a lot of faith in Craigslist missed connections ads.

It actually makes sense though that people would fall in love in Walmart I mean it is the most frequented place by lonely people at 2 o'clock in the morning that exists on this planet and everybody goes to Walmart hell I even saw Jermichael Finleys wife at the Westside Walmart a couple of weeks ago. Its not like she needs to save big at Walmart. So I guess that's it if you are looking for love you're looking in the wrong places if you're not looking at Walmart

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