Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I don't care if you're not in the band anymore

If you're a musician who writes music why wouldn't you want your song played on the radio?

I had to pose this question to the former lead singer of a local band. A band that is very good by the way and deserving of some airtime so more people know that they exist. The story goes like this, I played a song from said band on the air, pumped up the band and gave out a couple shows they'll be playing. Turned off the mic and thought that was awesome, all is good in the world of local music. Then I answered the phone, my mistake. Turns out the song I played was written and performed by the band's former singer and he took exception to the fact that I played this song to promote that band on the air. So I had to ask him why wouldn't you want a song you wrote played for people to hear? His answer? Because he's not making any money off it. WHAT?!

Ok lesson time: We as a commercial radio station do not pay the bands to play them. It is a promotional machine for the bands and allows more people to hear their music then normally would. Now yes we pay dues to the industry but not to specific bands. So this guy is trying to tell me that I can't play a song he wrote with this band because it doesn't help him make money. No wonder why you're not in a band anymore. Also if unless you specifically own the publishing writes to that particular song than you can't say a word about it. You see under U.S. copywrite laws you own whatever you create. In a band situation, the band owns it unless otherwise documented. Maybe I'd be to quick to assume but I'm guessing in this situation it is not otherwise documented. Also wether it's been copywritten or not if you can prove it's yours, guess what, it's yours. And again in a band situation it belongs to the band.

Ok so not only is this guy being kind of douche but he does not have a leg to stand on when it comes to demanding that the band not play any songs he wrote for the band. That's like telling John Carbi when he sang for Motley Crue that he couldn't play Dr. Feelgood. Now I am sure the band are super nice guys and are probably for the most part giving this guy his wish, but I don't think they should.

Ps...the guy quiet the band 4 months ago, man have yourself a nice hot cup of shut the f*** up!

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