Thursday, January 10, 2013

These aren't our award shows

Gone are the days of good people and good artists winning good awards. Gone are the days of actual big rock bands winning things like "Favorite Band or Song." Gone are the days of any self respecting individual giving two s**** about what the so called "general public" thinks.

How could we care? When Katy Perry wins 3 of the 12 music awards, and not one rock band gets even so much as "hey rock is cool to I think." In fact the only actual rock bands to get nominated for anything were Green Day and Linkin Park for favorite band, but that award went to Maroon 5. Maybe if Shinedown wrote songs about Mick Jagger and blowing up payphones they would get a nod to. Now granted the normal stand by rock band to win and perform at every awards show the Foo Fighters are on hiatus, but that is no excuse America. If it wasn't for rock music there were wouldn't be pop, r&b, rap and especially not country, which is just blues rock with a twang. I guess what do you expect from an awards show were the "people" chose the canceled Leverage over The Walking Dead for Best Cable TV Drama. Or how about the incredibly horrible Zac Effron over the extremely talented Liam Neeson for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor.

The idea of these awards shows are ridiculous at best and it gets more and more painful to watch every year. One look through the nominees and especially the winners of this year's People's Choice Awards and it's obvious that it's teenage girls voting and that's it. Stop wasting our time with this crap America, and let's honor actual talent at these things.

And yes this exact same post will be written about the Grammy Awards next month, in the word's of Dave Mustaine and the guy from Men's Warehouse, "I guarantee it."

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