Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back home

In March of 2009 due to unforeseeable circumstances I found myself without a home. Since Razor had debuted in February of 2000 I was on the station as DJ in form or another, nights, afternoons, mornings, weekends, mopping up the bathroom and everything else imaginable.

During the past 3 and a half years my wife and I had 2 children, I went back to school and got a second media degree, I completely changed my diet and now live completely gluten free, I started a show that airs in various parts of the country, and worked at a bar to make ends meet.

About mid November the powers that be changed over and I received a phone call asking if I'd seriously give some thought about coming back to Razor 94.7? How could I resist to come back home, and work with the people that I still consider close friends like Borna and Pete Burns, or Elwood and Roxanne Steele. More importantly the rock music fans of North East Wisconsin that over the years I personally become close to and who in turn became close to me. My friends the time has come to rock people's faces off once again. To show why we are not just a radio station and I am not just a radio DJ but we are a lifestyle, a choice, a part of the very fabric of why we exist. We love Wisconsin, we love rock music, we love what some people have considered the alternative to mainstream, and we are proud of it.

I am Cutter and from me, my family and my friends it's an honor to be back from home.

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