Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The rrrrrrrrRaiders

They did what? Ok so it turns out that (should be) future hall of fame wide reciever for the Oakland Raiders Tim Brown has accused former Raider Coach Bill Callahan for "sabotaging" Super Bowl XXXVII.

In the game which was won by former Raider Coach Jon Gruden's Tampa Bay Buccaneers 44-21 according to Tim Brown the Raiders plan was to have a run heavy offensive game plan to take advantage of their size advantage over the smaller Tampa Bay team. The game plan went in on the Monday before the Super Bowl and it was changed on Friday to a pass happy game plan. Most NFL players will tell you that is something coaches don't do. Here's what Tim Brown said:
"We all called it sabotage ... because Callahan and Gruden were good friends. And Callahan had a big problem with the Raiders, you know, hated the Raiders. You know, only came because Gruden made him come. Literally walked off the field on us a couple of times during the season when he first got there, the first couple years."
In another weird twist of fate then starting center Barret Robins went AWOL the night before the game and went to Mexico. According to Brown he was so upset about the game plan change saying "you can't do this to us" that he left.

Jerry Rice went on ESPN to talk about his take on the situation, here's the video:

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